TC-S Series

The TC-S Series is made of firm polycarbonate (PC) and therefor autoclavable to 121℃. This material provides excellent light transmission without yellowing over the time of use. The top cover is equipped with an adjustable vent that allows individual ventilation rates to meet different gas exchange demands. With a pore size of 0.2 µm, the sealed PTFE filter membrane eliminates bacterial and fungal contamination. The nesting stacks guarantee the cover and base to fully seal and are easy to open. To save space while storing, we made both the cap and the base stackable.

The TC-S Series is available in two sizes :

S361 - overall dimensions are 78 mm x 78 mm x 95 mm

S750 - overall dimensions are 110 mm x 90 mm x 100 mm

R 500

This reusable tissue culture container, made of clear polypropylene (PP), provides good light transmission and is autoclavable to 121℃. The vent on the cap is sealed by a PTFE filter membrane (pore size: 0.2µm) which allows good gas exchange, but eliminates germs. This large-volume container tightly seals with it's screw cap and is very suitable for mass production in tissue culture labs bacause of its stackable structure.

The R 500 is available in one size :

R500 - height 87 mm x diameter 100 mm

TG-C 1000

The TG-C 1000 Container is a reusable, double-vented tissue culture container made of firm, clear and highly purified polycarbonate (PC), which provides excellent light transmission and it is autoclavable to 121℃.

The two vent openings on alternate sides ensure air movement and the ability to maintain controlled gas exchange (e.g. carbon dioxide) while individually selected filter membranes on each side prevent contamination.

The TG-C 1000 Container is available in one size :

1000 - overall dimensions are 120 mm x 120 mm x 130 mm

(base height 40 mm x 99 mm)

Optional you can equip the TGC-1000 with two different inserts of 4x4 or 5x5

Omega 25

The Omega 25 forceps are made of stainless steel and have a serrated, fine tip of 1,2mm. With 25 cm overall lenght, the forceps are only as light as 39.3 gramms.

Enhanced flexibilty and a guiding pin, ensure professional and comfortable working all day with these Potts-Smith  Forceps.

Quality Made in Germany

modular LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights have long been established in horticulture and indoor lighting environments. Excellent energy efficiency, longevity and low maintenance input have offset the sometimes high upfront costs of installation. With significant reduction in heat loads, environmental conditioning systems can be drastically relieved from day to day operational stress.

EOF has specialized on modular LED strips, allowing our customers to individually achieve light quality and quantity goals, with minimal alteration of the given structural and electrical design of their growth areas.